Matt Vankirk

I started drifting in 2011 and quickly realized this sport is something I love. With a few events under my belt I began competing in the 2012 Evergreen Drift Pro-Am series with a bone stock Nissan 240sx SR20DET on coils. After 3 seasons of torturing my once daily driver the team and I decided to prepare for Formula Drift. In 2015 we came out stronger than ever in Gleb Antonov’s previously famous Dolphin powered by a twin turbo LQ9. Villains Kustoms gave the car a new life with the first entirely airbrushed drift car used in competition. Fighting FD PRO1 license holder Cameron Moore we took home the holy grail, Evergreen Drift CHAMPION, earning a 2016 Formula Drift PRO2 license.

While preparing the 2017 FD car I continued running the 2016 EVD Pro-Am series while we dipped our toes in the rough waters of Formula Drift. Experiencing what it takes to manage a professional motorsports team running multiple series we got taken out on home turf by Travis Reeder. A great driver and awesome friend Travis stole the crown by only 5 points giving us the 2016 Evergreen Drift Runner up.

With the 2017 Formula Drift PRO2 Championship halfway over Matt has taken home one of the prized carbon fiber trophies from Formula Drift Road Atlanta. Currently in 4th place with 105pts, only 2 points away from 2nd place we are in great standings for the 2017 Formula Drift PRO2 championship.


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